7 useful tips to improve your marketing

7 Useful Tips to Improve Your Marketing

Is your business failing to retain or attract customers? Maybe you experienced early success with your current marketing strategy so believe you should stick with it? Marketing has to have some degree of flexibility to cope with environmental changes, so don’t be afraid to implement changes when and where required. Marketing in the right way to the right customers will help. Your customers’ needs should always be the main focus of your marketing strategy. It is they who will ultimately secure your business success.

Here are 7 Tips to help you improve your marketing:

1. Focus on what your customers want – not on what your business needs. It seems to be stating the obvious to advise you to focus on your customers and what they will benefit from your product or service – yet many business owners forget this basic principle when under pressure to make a profit.

2. Remind your customers why they should buy from you and not your competitors. For example, demonstrate how much more value you provide; how and why your product or service is unique; and show how your company has integrity and fulfils its promises.

3. Help your customers to see how your product or service is fulfilling a particular need they have; that it helps them to fix a problem. They are much more likely to respond positively if you are perceived to be helping them.

4. Engage with your customers. Communicate with them and invite them to engage with you. Initiate a ‘call to action’ on your webpage or newsletter where you can request your customers to provide testimonials or ask them to reply within a set time to get a discount or freebie.

5. Target your niche market. Don’t dilute your message by spreading yourself too thinly. Remember, existing customers tend to buy more from you and refer others because they already have trust in your product or service.

6. Reach out to your customers wherever they are at. Use a variety of content marketing strategies such as Facebook, Podcasts, Video to engage with your customers.

7. Keep track of all your responses so that you are better equipped to continue to serve your customers fully and to ensure continuous improvement in your dealings with them.

Approach your marketing with zest, vigour, honesty and integrity. Focus on the benefits your product or service brings to your customers. Convey your message to them consistently, clearly and concisely using the most appropriate medium for your niche market. Your customers are your future for a successful business.

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