What Others Say

The Connect Big Online was surprisingly engaging. I was expecting it be a bit ho hum, rather it was the opposite, very engaging, educational, and interactive and must have been so because the time went so quick. District32 have nailed the online experience as well as face to face events.District32 are renowned for running sharp powerful face to face events, but trying to take that online, not always successful, but it was powerfully so...As business owners, we can often feel quite isolated, especially in today's world, and this is the perfect forum to help connect you with others of the same mind, keep lifting your business acumen, and keep you focussed on what matters, regardless of your personality type, your location, or the level you are in business. Go District32...
Peter Butler, Smarter Websites
I was introduced to Dean Keating in 2004, his record in sales and new business was very well recognised across Irish business sector and when the opportunity arose in late 2006 to hire Dean, it was a turning point in ELLICRO's road map. Within a year of Dean joining us he boosted our sales x 400% and opened many new opportunities and business relationships.Today some 16 years later, ELLICRO (although half a world away) still appreciate Deans input from District 32 and the services he continues to provide.
James Croke, ELLICRO Environment Care
In as little as an hour with Dean, he shed a huge light over what I'd been missing all along with the sales pipeline in my business. His approach is no-nonsense and it made so much sense to me. Dean explains the sales pipeline so simply that you wonder why you haven't taken these steps before! I highly recommend Dean if you're looking for business development and strategy - his knowledge regarding sales is gold.
Karen Whitely, Right Click Business Consulting
The Super Group led by Dean was a great way to connect closely with members with complimentary skills and relationships. It was action based and with Dean’s leadership some great leads and referrals were passed around. The relationships made have endured and we continue to communicate and refer work to each other even now. I would highly recommend a Super Group to anyone looking to take their network to the next level.
Juan Perez, Quest Legal
District32 Maximiser events are exceptional both as an employee and employer. At Universal Electro Tech we have had an opportunity to sponsor the event, providing excellent brand awareness with existing members and guests. I always walk away from these events feeling like I have increased my business acumen while leveraging meaningful connections. The opportunities presented at the Maximiser are invaluable, from speakers, to speed networking and engaging in mentoring sessions with industry experts. It is an environment where you are supported by the team at District32 and its members to not only grow personally and professionally but to succeed. Highly recommended!
R Hocknell

Sales and Marketing Manager

I received a phone call yesterday morning from a business owner to say thank you for the Go Hard or Go Home Sales Training District32 delivered this week. He paid for one of his employees to join us and the transformation was amazing, he made cold calls during our training, using our techniques and made appointments with 4 x IGA decision makers. Great result made my day.
Lorraine Garvie, District32
Enjoyed the company and input from everyone. Impressed with the results and pipeline everyone achieved.
Dean Keating, District32
What do you get when you have a fabulous Marketing Specialist and an ace Sales Person? You get District32 Connect with a top Sales Training package. Add to that the insights on how our mindset affects our ability to step up and do sales from psychologist Susanne Keating and you get the best Sales Workshop ever. A bit confronting at times but what do you expect when it's called 'Go Hard or Go Home!' I really feel that I've moved another big step forward to achieving my goal to be the best that I can be:) Thanks so much Dean Keatingg Lorraine Garvie and Susann O'Dwyer Keating
I have attended and filmed a lot of training sessions. The participants got out of their comfort zone and, as a result, had some real wins. There is another one coming up soon and, if you want to boost your sales, make sure you sign up for it. I'm lucky because I get to edit the video, so I have a lot of exposure to the ideas, concepts and learning.
Alan Cox, Brainy Gecko
Go Hard Or Go Home: This Was No Ordinary Sales Course!!!It was challenging, thought provoking, took me way out of my comfort zone and removed some of the complacency and bad habits that had started to settle into my mind after 23 years of selling. I learnt some of my biggest lessons, how I wish that I had access to this course years ago!If your business is about sales, this course is a MUST. I went HARD, I did not go home and this will reflect in my business going forward.
Bev Moffat, Travel and Cruise
D32 delivered a kick-ass, no excuses or BS accepted dive into why sales is so important for small business owners. Getting us out of comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment gave me the confidence to loosen the shackles of feeling like sales was a dirty word, and realise why it was so important for my business and my clients. To be sales focussed, is to be client focussed, delivering positive results for both
Michael Deegan, Do Financial
"Great network of business people all with same principles of generating great referrals and business opportunities"
Jonathan Aindow
"I love the energy and enthusiasm of D32; the members and the team who run it. It's business done differently and it works."
Nicole Lancaster-Ashby
"I recommend joining this group to any small business owner looking to connect with other small business owners. Everyone is really friendly and I felt welcome from day one!"
Elisia Coetzee
"Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. It’s like belonging to a new family. Thank you D32 I will recommend you to everyone I know."
Alicia Botha
"It really is a group of local business people collaborating and networking to help each other and support each other’s businesses."
Stephanie McCurdy
"I am yet to see any organisation come close to District32 for the business development support and resources they make available."
Christine Sutherland
"District32 offers a great opportunity for small businesses to promote themselves in the local community."
Durgesh Joshi
"When values align and a strong synergy exists wonderful things happen and this is my experience with District32."
Alan Cox
"For any business that is looking to improve, grow and build their brand & reputation District 32 is a must."
Richard Scott
"Easily the best networking organisation I have seen or been involved with."
James Bryden
"Excellent network and amazing business model! A must for anyone in business!"
Daniel Reid
"I attended District 32's Marketing Strategy One Day Training event, and it was definitely an excellent investment of my time!"
Virginia Huupponen
"The team here are positive, focused and determined. Just how business should be."
Scott Rogan
"Excellent sales training course recently completed for free! Just brilliant!"
Rich Lawrance
"Awesome networking group full of helpful talented business owners"
Hursh Dodhia-Shah
"District32 has a vibe that is not felt in other networking groups, it's positive and supportive and a pleasure to be part of."
Cherished Cherubs
"Have been a member for the past five weeks. Already done radio interview and pod cast. I Have been to several breakfasts and all have been of great value to our business."
Peter Hanson
"An awesome group of entrepreneurs passionate about what they are doing"
Lucy Ng Pellicioli
"Indoor Air Quality Solutions have been partnered with this team of super enthusiastic, small business focused, magicians for over a year now – some of the most useful small business advice I ever received was ‘surround yourself with people with motivate you and support your goals’ – District 32 are those people"
Jacqueline Campbell

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

"I have been a member of District32 for 6 months and already my Business Network has expanded exponentially."
Tim Svehlak
"I just attended a great training day with District32 - it was filled with amazing content and presenters. Just one of the benefits of being with District32."
Wayne Cook