Scaling Your Business

What if you had access to a business network who had already been where you want to go and achieved what you want to achieve?

One where you could access the collective wisdom of those who have been there before you so you could fast track where you want to go?

There are only two pathways to scaling up your business; the hard way is doing it alone and making all the mistakes everyone else made along the way. There’s also the smarter way, which comes from learning from those who have already put in the hard yards and achieved exponential growth in their business.

What if you could access a network of successful business leaders you can trust and rely upon?

Imagine if you could talk to people who were willing to share their experiences, challenges, tips and business leadership wisdom with you?

District32 is all about connecting and supporting local growing businesses.

We are a community of business leaders with a growth mindset looking for new ways to develop our business even more through: \

– Tested business growth strategies
– Developing uncapped opportunities
– Leveraging on key relationships
– Developing outstanding leadership skills
How do we do this?

We action this through a series of structured business growth workshops, educational seminars, relentless networking and a comprehensive online business program with effective resources our members can access anytime from anywhere!

If you want to dive deeper into the POWER OF CONNECTION, register for our complimentary Business Growth Event.

District32 guarantees business development and personal growth for business owners in the following areas:


Learn how to develop and implement the right strategies to build your business and help you scale up.


Find your business purpose, develop your positioning strategy, and attract the right customers.


Implement the right processes and support system(s) to enable your business to scale and continue to grow.

Member testimonials

"I just attended a great training day with District32 - it was filled with amazing content and presenters. Just one of the benefits of being with District32."
Wayne Cook
"I love the energy and enthusiasm of D32; the members and the team who run it. It's business done differently and it works."
Nicole Lancaster-Ashby
"I recommend joining this group to any small business owner looking to connect with other small business owners. Everyone is really friendly and I felt welcome from day one!"
Elisia Coetzee
"Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. It’s like belonging to a new family. Thank you D32 I will recommend you to everyone I know."
Alicia Botha
"It really is a group of local business people collaborating and networking to help each other and support each other’s businesses."
Stephanie McCurdy