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How good are you at networking?

How good are you at networking? What about building trust with other people? Would you let them into your core; of who you are as a person rather than a ...
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simple steps to marketing

Simple steps to marketing

Marketing is typically ignored with Business Owners suffering from analysis paralysis. Marketing doesn't need to be that difficult, I've outlined some simple but effective steps below to help business owners ...
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using content to promote your brand

Using content to promote your brand

Bill Gates said that 'content is king' back in 1996, and it still is today in 2013. Businesses are using content marketing to promote their brand in a plethora of ...
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Potential strategies for differentiation

There are various strategies for differentiation that may be used for businesses to gain a competitive advantage over its rivals. Which ones you employ will very much depend on the ...
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How to use blue ocean strategies to avoid competition

Most businesses, whether start-ups or those already established but striving to develop and grow, begin by surveying the competition. Possible strategies for gaining a competitive advantage are explored, which can ...
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Find your competitive edge and sell it

There are no corners safe from competition. Playing the field is one thing, managing to stay in it is another. The traditional selling approach of presenting features and benefits are ...
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key elements of a successful marketing plan

Key elements of a successful marketing plan

Did you have a vision when you started your business? Is your marketing plan helping that vision come to fruition? By focusing on your vision when creating and implementing your ...
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Why it is Essential for Strategy to Investigate Barriers to Entry

Why it is essential for strategy to investigate barriers to entry

Starting a new business or introducing a new product or service to your current business? Before embarking on either, strategic consideration should be given to potential barriers to entry into ...
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How to Deal Effectively with Business Rivalry

How to deal effectively with business rivalry

Rivalry is one of Porter's 5 forces of strategic industry analysis. And, when considering what you want to achieve and where you want to go with your business, be prepared ...
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five oversights that can ruin your business

Five oversights that can ruin your business

So many businesses fail before they have had the chance to get properly started. There may be many and varied reasons for this – a lack of capital, taking on ...
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what you can do now to get more clients

What you can do now to get more clients

Does your business need to secure more clients or customers? If so, there are several things you can do right now to improve your visibility and advertise your brand. Your ...
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7 Useful Tips to Improve Your Marketing

7 useful tips to improve your marketing

Is your business failing to retain or attract customers? Maybe you experienced early success with your current marketing strategy so believe you should stick with it? Marketing has to have ...
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