Susann Keating – General Psychology Services

I have been an Exclusive Provider with District32 for over 12 months now. In this time the personal support, business advice and networking I have been exposed to, has been invaluable to the growth of my business. Their training events are always well worth attending. They attract high quality presenters and I come away feeling inspired and renewed. The biggest benefit to me personally, has been developing relationships with the other District32 Exclusive Providers, that have been mutually beneficial and supportive.

Christine Sutherland – Weight Choice

I am yet to see any organisation come close to District32 for the business development support and resources they make available.  Frankly, the only way anyone could fail as a member of District32 would be to stubbornly ignore all the support, mentoring, advice and resources offered.

Jacqueline Campbell – Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Indoor Air Quality Solutions have been partnered with this team of super enthusiastic, small business focused, magicians for over a year now – some of the most useful small business advice I ever received was ‘surround yourself with people with motivate you and support your goals’ – District 32 are those people.

Rochelle Wolf – World Wide Printing

A fabulous networking and marketing tool for any business.

Jason Paizes – IT Mooti and Inspired Automation

Since being part of District32 we’ve been exposed to numerous new clients, dynamic entrepreneurs and amazing opportunities – that’s not to mention having access to some of the most exciting business people in Perth. I’m loving the journey and can only see a bright future for my company, for District32 and for the community in general.