Double your business success in 60 days

Get more customers, in less time with half the work

Read on if you answer YES to any of the statements below!

YES I need more revenue and profit!!

YES I need a marketing system that generates leads!!!

YES I need to close more sales!!!

What will you get out of the 8-week rapid growth PROGRAM?

A world class sales and marketing engine that pumps out predicable sales and revenue.  For over 15 years Lorraine and Dean have been helping business owners with sales, marketing, networking and revenue. They have packaged their combined best into an 8-week rapid growth program where you’ll learn:


Build a world class sales machine
Create the PERFECT follow up strategy
Create the ideal phone scripts for your business – inbound and outbound
Customise the perfect sales process
Make sales faster – shorten the cycle
Learn how to build trust INSTANTLY with prospects
Why some people say yes while others say no
Create the ultimate referral program


Build an enduring celebrity brand
Brand yourself
How to build a pipeline of qualified customers
Create winning content and copy for emails and social media
Learn how to communicate with anyone
Magnetise your ideal customers
How to retarget
How to create a winning marketing implementation plan


Create winning packages and promos
Show me the money – profit and loss
How to price perfectly
Increase sales volumes and PROFIT MARGINS
Get your customers to want to SPEND more money with you!
Upsell, cross sell, increase revenue
Charge more money without doing any more work
Add a zero to your forecast

How is this program different to anything else available?

Lorraine and Dean will be available to you throughout the program to go over your plans, messages, pipelines and copy.


Lorraine Garvie, Dean Keating and the D32 team will give you everything you need to double your business success in 60-days. 

This 8-week program will cover everything you need from sales and marketing to advertising and maximising revenue and profit.  You’ll get 8-weeks of carefully designed content to amplify your vision and impact – a once in a lifetime opportunity to really take your business to the next level.

8 Week Rapid Growth Business Growth Program



Go Hard Or Go Home: This Was No Ordinary Sales Course!!!It was challenging, thought provoking, took me way out of my comfort zone and removed some of the complacency and bad habits that had started to settle into my mind after 23 years of selling. I learnt some of my biggest lessons, how I wish that I had access to this course years ago!If your business is about sales, this course is a MUST. I went HARD, I did not go home and this will reflect in my business going forward.
Bev Moffat, Travel and Cruise

What do you get when you have a fabulous Marketing Specialist and an ace Sales Person? You get District32 Connect with a top Sales Training package. Add to that the insights on how our mindset affects our ability to step up and do sales from psychologist Susanne Keating and you get the best Sales Workshop ever. A bit confronting at times but what do you expect when it's called 'Go Hard or Go Home!' I really feel that I've moved another big step forward to achieving my goal to be the best that I can be:) Thanks so much Dean Keatingg Lorraine Garvie and Susann O'Dwyer Keating

I have attended and filmed a lot of training sessions. The participants got out of their comfort zone and, as a result, had some real wins. There is another one coming up soon and, if you want to boost your sales, make sure you sign up for it. I'm lucky because I get to edit the video, so I have a lot of exposure to the ideas, concepts and learning.
Alan Cox, Brainy Gecko

Bring a friend save $500 each

D32 delivered a kick-ass, no excuses or BS accepted dive into why sales is so important for small business owners. Getting us out of comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment gave me the confidence to loosen the shackles of feeling like sales was a dirty word, and realise why it was so important for my business and my clients. To be sales focussed, is to be client focussed, delivering positive results for both
Michael Deegan, Do Financial

I received a phone call yesterday morning from a business owner to say thank you for the Go Hard or Go Home Sales Training District32 delivered this week. He paid for one of his employees to join us and the transformation was amazing, he made cold calls during our training, using our techniques and made appointments with 4 x IGA decision makers. Great result made my day.
Lorraine Garvie, District32

Enjoyed the company and input from everyone. Impressed with the results and pipeline everyone achieved.
Dean Keating, District32

7 Reasons you need to join the RAPID GROWTH PROGRAM


You’re not making the sales you need to.
A business without sales is not a business.


You’re not generating the revenue or profits you need to.
Sales without profits is no good – revenue is vanity, profit is sanity.


Your growth has flattened.
The level of thinking that got you to where you are won’t get you to the next level.


Your marketing is not generating leads.
There’s no point marketing if it’s not measured and not generating leads.


You need clarity about what needs to be done.
You’re too busy working in the business – you need time to think clearly.


You need new ideas.
If you’re the smartest person in your business, you need outside inspiration. Great ideas come from being part of a mastermind.


You need total immersion AND business opportunities.
Join us for total immersion and 10x your business while at the same time creating opportunities for business!